Richard Yates

Just when I think I’m never going to discover a new writer again it usually happens that I do. And there is no better feeling, renewing my faith in the world. Such was the case with Richard Yates. I was getting acquainted with a co-worker of mine and, is my wont, was grilling her about literature. ItContinue reading “Richard Yates”

Thomas Bernhard

Thomas Bernhard (1931-1989) was an Austrian writer who never shied away from controversy, in fact he courted it. His formative years were of course lived during the Hitler era, this after an unhappy childhood where his father died having never met him, his stepfather a Nazi, his mother a bitter angry woman who often tookContinue reading “Thomas Bernhard”

Writer’s Writers

A writer’s writer isn’t just an excellent writer, but a writer who is admired/appreciated/respected by other writers, but may not be by the general public, a writer you can LEARN from. To that end, I will create a short list of those writers (prose only for now) I put in this category (its purely subjective ofContinue reading “Writer’s Writers”

Knausgaard’s My Struggle

A 6-volume hybrid currently translated into english up to volume 3. The most honest writing I’ve ever read, it woke me up to the possibilities of writing fact as if it were fiction. I am embarking on my own version of My Struggle, vol. 1. I originally began it as my usual very autobiographical fiction, meanwhileContinue reading “Knausgaard’s My Struggle”