Knausgaard’s My Struggle

A 6-volume hybrid currently translated into english up to volume 3. The most honest writing I’ve ever read, it woke me up to the possibilities of writing fact as if it were fiction. I am embarking on my own version of My Struggle, vol. 1. I originally began it as my usual very autobiographical fiction, meanwhile reading Knausgaard among many other things when it hit me, why not try to write about your life as it is (the title is ‘The Way it Is’), stop making things up, stop censoring yourself, it’s all fiction anyway, no one can remember exactly the way it was as we are constantly evolving, but the attempt to be as honest as one can is not only very liberating but a whole new way of seeing things. My goal is to finally get through a first draft (I started it in December 2012 and have 150,000+ words so far) and then begin the real writing, that is using my real voice. I’d be willing to share some parts if anyone desires.

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I'm a librarian living near NYC, have had several poems and stories, as well nonfiction published in various ezines. I've finally broken through in print as my novel "Where Do the Children Play?" a story based on true events concerning the kidnapping and drowning of a young boy, was published by Black Rose Writing last October. They are also publishing my second novel, "In Elysian Fields," a love story between a baseball player and a poet, due out July 4 of this year.

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