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My second novel has been accepted for publication, due out on July 4, 2019

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I'm a librarian living near NYC, have had several poems and stories, as well nonfiction published in various ezines. I've finally broken through in print as my novel "Where Do the Children Play?" a story based on true events concerning the kidnapping and drowning of a young boy, was published by Black Rose Writing last October. They are also publishing my second novel, "In Elysian Fields," a love story between a baseball player and a poet, due out July 4 of this year.

2 thoughts on “Publication announcement”

  1. It’s about my two loves: baseball and poetry, ergo, a love story between a great baseball player and a great poetess, loosely based on Ted Williams and Elizabeth Bishop channeling Marianne Moore…and Judith I have to say, I never would have accomplished this if I hadn’t lost my job at NYU, which made me even more determined to finish these manuscripts and try to get them published…i’m also sending around a manuscript of my poems

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