First Snow / A Poem By Tom Evans

First Snow / A Poem By Tom Evans
Posted on August 18, 2022.

When we were kids

We’d look out the window

When snow was forecast;

Fooled by the moonlight

We thought it was there

And sometimes it was

The next day, our winter

Clothes laid out on a chair

And hot cereal

For breakfast.

Listening to hear

If school was canceled,

We had to wait

Until the very end,

Until they got to

The Ws.

Either way it didn’t

Matter (except for

Having to wear leggings

To school), it was an

Adventure, it meant

Rough and tumble at

Recess, sledding when

We got home,

And hot chocolate after.

There used to be a

Little plow that came

Down our street with chains

On its wheels that

Plowed the sidewalks

Back when your taxes

Paid for something.

Now I tread up snow hills

Slide back down, and begin

Again, wondering

What’s on the other side,

Hoping it isn’t

That tree my brother

Veered into one time

While sledding down,

But just a straight

Untrammeled ride

To the bottom.

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