For Brandt

For Brandt
Posted on August 18, 2022.

I liked him immediately.

Refreshingly bombastic

In a world more and more inclined

To velleities, you always knew

Where Brandt stood.

That first time it seemed we were

Picking up the thread of a conversation

We’d been having our whole lives

And couldn’t wait to continue;

Midstream I felt I needed to say something

If only to acknowledge I was listening

But realized it wasn’t necessary

That I was content to hear him out,

That I enjoyed merely being in the same space as he,

That though he knew many things I didn’t,

And we were complementary minds,

There was never any need to get in the last word,

Which was a blessing, because

I never said goodbye,

Knowing we’d pick right up where we let off

When next we see each other.

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