New Poem For My Stepgrandson

New Poem For My Stepgrandson
Posted on August 18, 2022.

Luca at Two

Golden haired,

Serene or squalling,

Monarch of all

He surveys.

It was touch

And go at first –

A teary transfer

From grandparent

To grandparent –

Until he spotted

The garbage truck.

“Garbage truck,”

He said sagely

And soberly,

Pointing emphatically.

Sensing common ground,

We eagerly concurred,

“Garbage truck,

Of course,

It’s Monday!”

The ice had

Been broken,

Our day together

Could begin.

To be able

To make him

Smile, or even

Better, laugh,

Was a privilege that,

Once earned,

Made the day


Yet Essential.

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