New Novel

Recently finished my fourth novel, tentatively titled “All is Not Well.”

It’s mostly set in Wilsonville, where two of my other novels were set, and is about a girl who is a once in a generation athlete, and as a result is ostracized by the boys because she is better than them, and the girls because she doesn’t care about girly-girl things. This is well before Title IX and as she grows up she becomes ever more frustrated because she can find no outlet for her talent. Her becoming a woman is interrupted by a horrific event that changes her life forever. I’d be giving too much away if I said anymore.

Now begins the thankless task of trying to get it published. I say I’ll give it a year but probably won’t last that long before I self-publish it.

Book launch!

My third book “So Long Ma, I’m Only Bleeding” is now available on Amazon I went the self-publishing route this time and so far it’s only available in ebook format, but I will make it available as a paperback if I get enough requests.

A sequel to my first book “Where Do the Children Play,” “So Long, Ma” takes the Barnes twins through their adolescence, with all its concomitant experiences, and reveals further complications in their relationship with their adoptive mother, Mrs. Barnes, who it seems has it in for them.

Thanks for your indulgence. I’d appreciate your support.